Carbon Cleaning

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Carbon Cleaning at Foxhayes Car Sales

Carbon Cleaning

How It Works

With water as raw material, and using electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen, the mixed gas is cooled and filtered into the engine, fuel, air and combustion carbon mixed together. The increased internal oxygen proportion improves combustion, and at the same time, the catalytic properties of hydrogen make it possible for combustion carbon to be gradually broken down to clear internal carbon deposits.

the CARBON CLEAN unit runs entirely on water and electricity following the initial set up.

A strong electric current splits the water molecule (H2O) into its component atoms producing highly charged particles of hydrogen and oxygen, or oxyhydrogen (HHO)
The HHO is passed into the engine through the air filter and burnt as the engine runs mixing it with the fuel, air and carbon deposits.
As it passes through the injectors, combustion chambers, filters and exhaust system the hydrogen reacts with the carbon producing the hydrocarbon gas. This lifts carbon deposits from the engine and ejects them through the exhaust. Using no harsh detergents and taking just half an hour the CC-14 returns your enging to a state of cleanliness close to new. You regain power and performance, increase the MPH and radically cut emissions.


  • Improved exhausts emissions
  • Improves engine efficiency
  • Significantly improved compression
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Increase engine performance
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Cut emissions
  • Improve MPG
  • And More...